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Tips to expand your business internationally

In import and export, regulations and commercial customs differ from country to an other. The aim of this guide is to specify the international “rules of the game”. The main problems are tackled simply and precisely to allow you to approach new markets in the best conditions.

Business Trips

A good preparation of the business trip can determine the success of the mission. Check what needs to be taken into account to organize your departure, plan the days and follow up later.

Understanding the principles of standardisation

Discover the different types of standards, standardization, relevant bodies and well-known standards. Also, how to certify yourself to distinguish yourself in a certain market.

International Marketing Communication

Ways to carry out an effective international marketing communication strategy: website and product catalog, foreign press, aid for companies, public relations…

Packaging of your products

How to pack, with what materials and derived risks. Legal aspects, containers, role of the packing union and the safety inspector.

Understanding international modes of transport

Choose your means of conveyance (air, sea or land) according to cost, speed and security. Learn details about regulatory bodies, contract types, and pricing systems

Export in Emerging Countries

How to take precautions against the risks derived from trading with new markets: cultural, political, logistics risks, etc.

Import-Export Glossary

Expand your knowledge with the most frequent terms, acronyms and expressions in foreign trade activities.

Import control system (ICS)

What is the Import Control System, how to send the entry summary declaration and obtain a movement reference number. Obligations and exemptions, etc.

Incoterms® 2020

What is an Incoterm® and what does its variety mean, how to use them and differentiate who bears the various costs and risks.

Internet Marketplaces

Multi-sector online platforms (Alibaba) or vertical (Powernext), advantages of using them, derived costs and considerations to take into account.

Preparing for a trade show

Preparing an exhibition stand is key to a successful trade show. If you attend as a visitor before you can get a general idea of how to participate as an exhibitor…

Prepare an International Sales Contract

This contract with its structure, clauses and the agreement between the two parties is of vital importance. Consult key aspects of the Vienna Convention and Incoterms.

Protect a patent

Legal protection tool and commercial weapon. Check out how to register a patent internationally and what you should check before you start.

Protect a trademark

A registered trademark is key to distinguish products from those of the competition. To reduce the risk of counterfeiting that is detrimental to your business, we suggest you review these guidelines.

Transport Insurance

How to act in case of damage, know the responsibility of the carriers, different insurances, the special cases of exoneration and elimination of the maximum limit of responsibility.


The main principles to reduce the negative social and environmental impact of production and distribution systems.

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